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Your social media music promoter is just as important as the label you choose to sign with! 
@RT2EAT is the main twitter music promotion account of 
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With over 1200 Verified celebrity followers & 120k+ music sharing fans and artists, your music is sure to be seen & heard by the largest network audience of music lovers throughout social media!  - ( present @RT2EAT social reach is 2 billion )
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Artists, Please be sure to have your music link in your bio! also a reference to you being an music artist, band, group etc, Include the keyword "Music" somewhere in your bio, add your location in your profile. add @RT2EAT #Fanbase to your bio promote music through facebook, twitter, Linked-in google, instagram, soundcloud & reverbnation.
As an artist being promoted by you will receive a higher return for your investment if you have accounts in all!   

Let's get you started 
Here are some highly recommended top networking accounts, They are looking out for Artists & Fans with bios containing
 - @RT2EAT  #Fanbase -  Follow these accounts after you have added @RT2EAT & #Fanbase to your bio, mention, RT, fave, reply and engage with these 100% guys, between them, they create the largest outreach and generate more impressions than any other group on twitter - or social media! 
Our System also Scans Twitter account bios constantly for - @RT2EAT #Fanbase - and automatically promotes accounts and music links in bios!

After you have followed these key accounts, we're offering you 1 month of basic music promotion (value $49) FREE 

Get your music exposed to 120 k music sharing fans and artists
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