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Twitter Music Promotion

Twitter Music Promotion

Twitter Music Promotion

Your social media music promoter is just as important as the label you choose to sign with! 
@RT2EAT is the main twitter music promotion account of 
@RT2EAT  is frequently ranked  # 1  by both Google and Twitter as the top music promotion account in the world. (Google "Twitter Music Promotion")
With over 1200 Verified celebrity followers & 150k+ music sharing fans and artists, your music is sure to be seen & heard by the largest network audience of music lovers throughout social media!  - ( present @RT2EAT social reach is 2 billion )
Your music is presented and posted by to Twitter - Facebook - Linkedin - Google !

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Community Management

Growing brand awareness & creating engagement in social media.

A good community manager isn’t just “hanging out” on social media or forums all day. Though they play different roles depending on your industry, community managers are often the first in line to help customers engage with and understand your business — helping drive sales, retain customers and grow your brand

~Use analytical tools to optimize your account and accelerate your brands growth

~Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the growth of the community

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Get your music exposed to 160 k+ 
music sharing fans and artists
including over  1200 Verified Twitter followers

Note:  This is  a one time payment